Principal's Message

Rosary High School, now The Sharon School, marked the humble beginning of a gratify odyssey in 1990, bearing a vision of sculpting the world of education with undying verve. As time flipped its pages, the school filled its canvas with tireless strife and with each stroke of brush, it grew a step closer to making its own masterpiece. 

From being a corner stone in helping students dream, visualize and plan for their future careers have indeed been a single candle to light a thousand more and eradicate, the darkness of ignorance. The credentials of the school speaks for itself through the success of the students who left their trail on untraversed paths and have progressed in every conceivable field. Amongst the many indelible achievements, the school today move with a vision of providing its children with all possible facilities to help them to good and successful person in their lives. 

After 29 successful years, The Sharon School continues to believe in imparting values and lift the child to an exalted position which will be the beginning of a wonderful dream for the child.

We believe in motivating a child to become a good human a being and grow wings of ambition and help child to soar like a falcon to touch the sky. We believe in teaching a child to experience and appreciate the role wonders of the world and create a symphony in his heart which exudes pure music. We believe that this journey of excellence.